Thursday, March 13, 2008

Necklace made of 22K Gold

With the price of gold hovering around an all-time high of US$995 per troy ounce and within striking distance from the magic $1000 mark, this short piece of 916 fineness gold necklace is worth some money.

Ain't no way that I will treat this nice piece of gold item just like a piece of scrap-gold.

Fortunately I haven't sold this necklace to an eager buyer about four weeks ago when the gold price was about US$908 per ounce because I haven't yet checked out the exact weight of this item. Since then the gold price has gone up by about ten percent and now I'll get several more bucks from the sale.

The exact weight of this necklace is 7.96 grams and it has a pure gold content of at least 7.29 grams. Sold!

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