Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Singapore $24 for Three Polymer Banknotes

Having received S$24 cash in a registered airmail from an overseas customer living in Taiwan, I'd sent out these three pieces of uncirculated polymer banknotes without any delay in the afternoon.

We have a fair deal of trading paper banknotes for polymer banknotes across the borders of two countries in the name of the hobby of banknote collecting.

Of course I'd made some profit in this process, and so had the post-offices.

Singapore $24 from Taiwan

I'd received S$24 cash in a registered airmail from Taiwan today.

An overseas customer living in Taiwan has wanted to buy three pieces of Singapore polymer banknotes ($2, $5, and $10) in uncirculated condition.

He has paid me the cash for the cost of the three pieces of banknotes ($17), the cost of airmail postage and packing material ($3), and of course some reasonable profit for my effort ($4).

Sunday, July 29, 2007

USA, 1928 $1 Silver Certificate

USA, 1928A, $1 Silver Certificate, UNC. SOLD!

This is a very scarce piece of $1 Silver Certificate in crisp uncirculated condition.

It's an excellent quality stuff for the discerning collector who has the exquisite taste for the fine art of paper money collecting.

I've sold this piece of paper money to a bidder (from USA) on Yahoo! Auctions Singapore two days ago, after keeping it in my collection for 27 years.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Singapore Portrait $20 Polymer Banknotes

Singapore, ND (2007), Portrait $20 Polymer, sign. GCT, 4 Consecutive Numbers 0AB 258321~24, Uncirculated.

A local bank has required every customer to fill in a paper slip when exchanging for a maximum of only two (2) pieces of these newly-released polymer banknotes.

Fortunately, I'd got a good friend who's my loyal and regular customer to help me to queue for another two pieces of such banknotes. Thus I'd managed to exchange four (4) pieces of banknotes bearing four consecutive running numbers.

I wish I could have got that elusive piece bearing the serial number of 0AB 258325 to make five pieces of nice running numbers. But you can't ask for too much, can you?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Singapore $1000 Bird Series Banknote

Singapore $1000 Bird Series, ND (1978), A/2 203316, sign. HSS, Nice and Decent Circulated.

It's nice to have a good friend to bring me to meet his colleague sometime last month to exchange this nice piece of $1000 banknote at face value.

Since this is a heavyweight banknote of high face value, one has to decide whether to hold onto it as a collectible item without earning some bank interest or to part with it for some reasonable gain.

Spending away this banknote is a good consideration if the consumption of goods and services is more desirable than simply keeping it in one's collection or saving it in a bank savings account.

By the way, I've already listed this banknote for sale for a small profit on Yahoo! Auctions Singapore.