Thursday, July 26, 2007

Singapore Portrait $20 Polymer Banknotes

Singapore, ND (2007), Portrait $20 Polymer, sign. GCT, 4 Consecutive Numbers 0AB 258321~24, Uncirculated.

A local bank has required every customer to fill in a paper slip when exchanging for a maximum of only two (2) pieces of these newly-released polymer banknotes.

Fortunately, I'd got a good friend who's my loyal and regular customer to help me to queue for another two pieces of such banknotes. Thus I'd managed to exchange four (4) pieces of banknotes bearing four consecutive running numbers.

I wish I could have got that elusive piece bearing the serial number of 0AB 258325 to make five pieces of nice running numbers. But you can't ask for too much, can you?

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