Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Singapore $1000 Bird Series Banknote

Singapore $1000 Bird Series, ND (1978), A/2 203316, sign. HSS, Nice and Decent Circulated.

It's nice to have a good friend to bring me to meet his colleague sometime last month to exchange this nice piece of $1000 banknote at face value.

Since this is a heavyweight banknote of high face value, one has to decide whether to hold onto it as a collectible item without earning some bank interest or to part with it for some reasonable gain.

Spending away this banknote is a good consideration if the consumption of goods and services is more desirable than simply keeping it in one's collection or saving it in a bank savings account.

By the way, I've already listed this banknote for sale for a small profit on Yahoo! Auctions Singapore.

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