Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fortune Pack from OCBC Bank

For this Lunar Year of Rabbit, OCBC Bank issues a so-called Fortune Pack, consisting of 20 pieces of uncirculated $10 polymer banknotes, 100 pieces of uncirculated $2 polymer banknotes, two packets of OCBC Bank angpow envelops, and one packet of Mighty Savers angpow envelops.

All of the goodies mentioned above are packed into a colorful paper bag marked OCBC Bank for any customer who queues at the cashier-counter and hands over $400 cash in exchange for this Fortune Pack.

Now $400 of a customer's own money exchanges for $200 worth of $10 banknotes and $200 worth of $2 banknotes, then where's the fortune that this customer could gain? Well, the fortune is the three free packets of angpow envelops.

By the way, the paper bag is a nice souvenir item to collect.

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