Wednesday, February 7, 2007

1970/1971 Postcard, Singapore Lido Cinema

This is a nice used postcard showing the old Lido Cinema, most likely printed in 1970 or 1971. You look closely at the two palm trees and you'll see the title of the movie, The Christine Jorgensen Story starring John Hansen, which was produced in 1970.

It was a drama motion picture based on an autobiography of the first man to become a woman -- the story of Christine Jorgensen, the first person to undergo a sex-change operation.

Right, here's another story as told by a teacher back in my good old school days.

In 1966 when this cinema screened that action adventure movie Thunderball, about that action spy agent James Bond 007, the queue to buy admission tickets on the first few days had stretched right out to the parking lot in front of this cinema (see left image).

My school teacher was among those movie fans queuing patiently to watch Thunderball.

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