Monday, February 5, 2007

Tiong Bahru Road, Old and New Houses

It was about 11:30am and the weather was cool and breezy.

That elderly person was standing right across Tiong Bahru Road when I'd shot this picture of those 57-year-old houses in the background. Was he trying to catch a taxicab or just looking at me?

Walking into a side street called Boon Tiong Road about a minute later, I'd turned around and shot the new twin-tower condominiums in the background.

You notice in the lower left-hand corner of the second picture that the elderly person was still standing along the main road.

I'd got to move along 'coz I was going to meet a seller in 5 minutes to collect some items that I'd bidded from an auction. It was a nice Sunday yesterday to travel around and buy something that I like.

By the way, I ain't sure how long that elderly person was standing along that main road 'coz I didn't go back that way.

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