Thursday, November 30, 2006

Novelty music CDs in Tin Casings

Not all music CDs are enclosed inside those transparent jewel casings.

A few are packed inside novelty tin casings and they're collector's limited editions.

I'd bought four such novelty CDs in 1998.

They are at lower left: The Savage Young Beatles with Tony Sheridan, 8 songs, 1997 Geko Records, Made in USA; lower right: Roy Orbison, Hits You Remember, 10 songs, 1996 Eclipse Music Group, Made in USA; top left: Marilyn Monroe, Jean's Jacket, 20 songs, 1994 PILZ UK Ltd, Made in EEC; top right: Original Artists, The 60's Funny Days, 16 songs, 1993 PILZ UK Ltd, Made in EEC.

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